Article Idea - Security Surveillance Server

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Article Idea - Security Surveillance Server

Postby flegace » Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:52 pm

I am trying to put together a server for a video surveillance system so that I can ditch our very expensive one from a well known security firm. Although you have published articles on working with webcams and software before, I am looking for something a bit more advanced. The system I am trying to build will need to have the cameras on a separate subnet and offer up DHCP to the IP cameras to function independently from our LAN. The server should be accessible from the LAN for the front end of the surveillance software. This implies a dual ethernet set-up. Finally, the server should be able to coexist in an active directory environment. It seems straight forward, but I am not able to sort out the DHCP stuff and the AD environment stuff.

This would be very useful for many small to medium businesses.
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