Time to say Goodbye and thank you all.

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Time to say Goodbye and thank you all.

Postby DavidMcCrossan » Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:48 pm

After about 15 yrs of looking forward to reading your mag I am unable to continue.
Your LXF site has my delivery address, and, as I understand it they ask the Northampton Delivery Dept to use it. They rarely do. For about the last 3 yrs it has been a lottery and I cannot go on.
Most of the time I get the mag at the second try. This costs you - and it is so unnecessary. When I reported to your firm that I had not received LXF225, your firm sent me a delivery slip with gross errors on every line. Someone has worked out that it will never be delivered. I duly complained and your firm is sending me a 3rd try, to an address which is at odds to my real address.
This year every complaint has been copied to Neil Mohr and the MD of Northampton one Angus Chevenix Trench.
Neither has taken any notice.
So goodbye, and special thanks to Nelz for his unstinting work, and much support.
All the best
David McCrossan
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Re: Time to say Goodbye and thank you all.

Postby guy » Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:01 am

This happened to me once with another well-known publishing house. I solved it initially by taking out a new subscription under a false name (under the polite fiction that I was sending them a present, should anybody have asked).
When it ran out, I took out another one, as a new customer, under my correct name and address. By then the corrupt account was deemed to be somebody else and the ****-ups did not come back.
The only way to win over these idiots is to play them at their own game.
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Re: Time to say Goodbye and thank you all.

Postby jmangan » Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:37 pm

I stopped subscribing years ago for the same reason. One magazine that failed to show was even out of stock when I complained. The only issue I missed since I started reading LXF.

None of the offers has ever tempted me to try again.
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