Android 7" phablet

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Android 7" phablet

Postby guy » Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:01 pm

Taking Android as not (GNU-)Linux, this seems the right place to ask. Looking for a 7" screen device with LTE/4G connectivity and the ability to do regular phone calls. Half-decent hardware and absence of crapware (rooting/reinstalling a permissible solution) much preferred. How hard can it be?
Urgh! shops, search results and magazine reviews are all full of absolutely everything on the planet that is not this - not quite, not by a mile, not in the same universe, not even in a known parallel spacetime continuum, if it's not what I ask for this apparently qualifies it to be thrust in my face.
Does such a beastie exist? is there any way to find it?
"We don't need no frikkin' aliens, we c'n do this ourselves!" — anon.
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