IP Forwarding issue - I guess -

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IP Forwarding issue - I guess -

Postby saburo » Fri May 16, 2014 4:02 pm

Hello all, I am new here and not really a networking / system expert (googleing up my way to that :) ).

I am stuck on something I believe must be trivial, but not making much progress in the last two days, so decided to ask here.

This is what I am trying to achieve :

The device D (a PLC) has a static IP address in a remote network, it is reached by a device E on the same subnet and by a BeagleBone (Ubuntu) C which will get a DHCP address from the router.
C also has a OpenVPN client and connects to a OpenVPN server B.
A is a windows client accessing remotely (remote assistance) D (via C, this is my idea at least) through the OpenVPN (server is configured to allow client-to-client connections).

So I created a test scenario

In this scenario the VPN server is on the C machine (just for simplification), it has IP forwarding enabled and can Ping D (thanks to the static route)
the configuration in D is just for testing purpose, it will not be needed in real life, obviously I cannot have a vpn client on D because it does not have a real operating system.

The client A can ping C via the VPN, but cannot ping D.
I added a static route and checked with tracert (D) that the first hop is correctly the C machine (

I feel the issue is on the forwarding not happening in C and I see 3 possible issues/ solutions
1) iptables (tried a few settings found in the net.. did not do anything)
2) should I add some kind of routing on the VPN server config file? or in the vpn client on B?
3) should I setup a bridge with brctl? I tried, but lost immediately all network connections :/

any help appreciated!
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