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KDE startup applicationd

Postby fede » Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:07 am

I admit I like KDE, and I actually like the "Activities" enhancement of the (extremely loved - I hate Unity's limit to 4) workspace feature (even before I moved to Linux I had a (buggy) application in Windows that did allow for multiple desktops and lived with its regular crashes just because of that - how is it that M$ hasn't caught up with that even now?!).

One thing I would like to learn is how to tweak things so that, on startup, the applications I like to have right away start (and no other), and that they start in the right desktop and in the right activity. The usual tools don't seem to do the job: I have set it up to start with saved session, and do not start some apps that just keep starting, and KDE just ignores it all: mainly apps that I asked not to, start do anyway, but, also, I don't see a way to force apps that I do want to start to come up in the "right" desktop and activity (except by manually forcing the screen there, but it's tricky). Looking at the various "autostart" directories doesn't help either, since they don't list at all what is actually coming up.

Any suggestion is gratefully appreciated - thanks!
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Postby ferrari » Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:29 am

I only run one virtual desktop, but here is a KDE thread which might be helpful to you


The OP created an 'autostart' script using the kstart command
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kstart --desktop <number> command

Hope that's enough to get you started. :)
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