Bridge not forwarding packets

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Bridge not forwarding packets

Postby realflash » Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:56 am

Dear all,

I am trying to unite two network segments with a bridge so that they act as though they are one, with broadcast traffic passing freely between them. I'm using OpenVPN in its point-to-point mode, unencrypted, to connect the two across a third segment to which both have access. Diagram attached.

I followed ... dging.html, and things have gone relatively well. When A pings B, I see an ARP request sent from A appear on eth2 on the far side (wireshark attached to eth2) - clearly the near side has picked up the broadcast, sent it across the tunnel, and placed it on the segment that is connected to eth2. B doesn't receive it (and consequently doesn't reply, so A can't work out where to send the echo request to). The same is true in reverse - the packets get to the real NIC on the far side, but don't seem to appear on the wire. All machines are CentOS 6.5 running on ESXi.

I have ip_forward = 1, rp_filter = 0, and the firewall is off (no rules and all policies are ACCEPT. Can anyone make any suggestions as to how I might proceed?

So far I have posted to my LUG, OpenVPN and CentOS, all without significant reply, which I think means my problem is well researched and probably difficult.


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