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MikeOS and other OS Demos

Postby Nuke » Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:54 pm

Here is a review of MikeOS, Our Mike Saunders' educational OS :-


The review is one of a fascinating series of YouTube videos in which a teenage lad, who, while a bit whacky and precocious, seems very knowledgable and acts as commentator while his good-humoured mother tries out various operating systems as an intelligent new user. They have done dozens, from DOS and Windows 1.0 (worth seeing!) to Unixes, Linuxes, Windows 8, Chromium and MacOS. Each session is about 30 minutes. Don't be put off by the start of the video (I told you he was wacky), this kid really knows his stuff and makes insightful remarks while leaving his mother to work things out as a lone first-time user would need to.

I watched the Linux Crunchbang session (OpenBox GUI) in full as I am thinking of installing it on my secondary PC. Very useful demo, and at least one following comment was from someone who installed it as a result, and I might now add to that.
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