My New Years Resolutions.

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Was 2,o13 AD a good year?

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My New Years Resolutions.

Postby Alex01UK » Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:12 pm

New Years Resolutions for Alex / Alesandre 2,o14 AD

1. Stop smoking.
2. Stop buying cigarettes
3. Stop smoking other peoples cigarettes
4. Take my medication every day; asthma medication that is.
5. Go to the gym every day.
6. Stop going out every night.
6. Go to training every weekend {American Football, I play QB}
7. Go to school every Wednesday evening {American Football}
8. Eat more healthy.
9. Give Blood.
10. Stop drinking, apart from when go out on a Friday / Saturday night
11. Two hours a day on the bass guitar.
12. Get a new passport and go abroad.
13. Buy a sensible sportscar {Do I really need a Mitsubiish GTO 3.o Twin Turbo? No, on second thoughts, yes I do!} No Alex, sell your sports car and buy a people carrier so there are all room for her kiids in the Bach? Duck That! You want a people carrier, you get one! You're not my girlfriend, you're my best friend!
14. Be a better Dad to Sinbad & Napoleon. They are rats! They are 1o months old now. 3o in human years. Sinbad is the black one, Napoleon the blonde.
15. Change my name by deed poll to something even vaguely sensible.
16. Go to Switzerland and open a few bank accounts on the high street first thing in the am.
17. Stop borrowing money off people / credit cards etc. Basically stop running out of money all the time.
18. Go to work every day; I work from home...
19. Get Windows 8 working properly on my Chromebook... ;) 8) %)
2o. Stop going on the internet whoring all the time, especially when I am drunk / bored. But for sure, that is what the internet is supposed to be right? Something to do to pass the time of day I thought? ;) 8) %)
21. Stop paying so much tax.
22. Stop gambling on the F1 every race.
23. Make friends with Microsoft. Ater all, I use Live.Co.UK & Skype.
24. Make friends with Oracle. After all, I use, and have always used, LibreOffice. Have also just installed OpenBox.
25. Be a better Dad to Amelia. She was 18 on Xmas Day, and told her Mum she wanted to contact her real Dad for her Xmas present last year. I have always known, but how to explain, that I'm not her Godfather after all...
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Postby heiowge » Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:17 pm

For me 2013 was as lousy as the last 5 years.
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Postby johnhudson » Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:55 pm

For me 2013 was the best year in many; I resolved many years ago to make no New Year Resolutions and it's the one New Year's Resolution I haven't failed to keep.
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