Online payments and No Script

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Online payments and No Script

Postby GeordieJedi » Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:41 pm

Hi all.

I'm having some issues when trying to purchase things online whilst using the
No Script add-on, Firefox and the Master card secure code process.

I have had problems when purchasing (or attempting to !) from a number of retailers
E.G. Moonpig, Hotel Chocolat, NHS prescriptions, local council & a few others.

I falls down whenever I get to the final step, when I enter my card details.

The site will attempt to contact Master card secure code (and my card provider).
The website, will have a think about it and then it will try to either open a pop-up
or a new script/frame. The website will then just sit there and either do nothing or
time out.

It's rather unlikely that they have all had similar issues each time I try and buy

Trouble shooting

I have tried using both Firefox and Chromium (each using No script or script safe).
And I've also tried using Firefox and No Script on Windows too.

All with the same result.

So I suspect that it's No Script causing the problems. However I have "allowed" scripts
to run on each site that I want to buy something from.

The next step is to completely disable No Script and try again.
However I'm annoyed that I've taken extra steps to try and protect myself when buying
things online. Only to have to disable them, in order to make a purchase.

I have filled in a few error reports and sent off a couple of emails to said websites
(I gave a really thorough run down of the problems and the troubleshooting steps that
I'd taken. I really made an effort for their IT guys).

I've heard nothing back from them at all ! It's been weeks now.

Interestingly, I've not had any trouble from Amazon at all for my purchases !

Does anyone else have similar problems whilst they are buying things from sites all over
the web ?

TAI for any help or advice.
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Postby guy » Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:23 pm

There is probably an intermediate secure payment service between your web site and the actual credit card online service.

Check through the list of sites and options NoScript offers, for example I have had to "Allow" and "Allow" among others.
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