Free Pascal and Lazarus?

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Free Pascal and Lazarus?

Postby PLan » Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:04 am

Is anyone using Lazarus to develop? What are your opinions of it? :?
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Postby Nuke » Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:58 am

I've never heard of Lazarus but it sounds like an implementation of Pascal.

If you are already into Pascal, that's fine, but having used it myself at one time I found Pascal very frustrating. It is very, very fussy about the order that your code is in. Fix one bug and it results in five new ones, I found.

I believe it originated as a teaching tool to force students to use structured code, which is why the compiler nags you so much.

Maybe Lazarus is different though ......
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Postby Ram » Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:21 pm

It emulates Delphi,

In 1995 Borland revived its version of Pascal when it introduced the rapid application development environment named Delphi - turning Pascal into a visual programming language. The strategic decision was to make database tools and connectivity a central part of the new Pascal product. sourced from

I've used it in the past to recreate a program I first built with Delphi.

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Postby buchaille » Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:05 pm

I've used it for years and do most of my coding with it. It is extremely easy to use for anyone with a knowledge of Delphi and, unless you use platform specific libraries, it is an easy way to produce programs that compile in both Linux and Windows (other platforms too, though I have not tried this). The editor in the Lazarus IDE makes it so easy to track code from unit to unit that I find it very difficult to work in other environments.

I had wondered whether LXF would be interested in some tutorials on the subject, but as this thread doesn't seem to have attracted a great deal of discussion, perhaps it wouldn't be worthwhile.
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Postby roseway » Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:43 pm

I've been using Lazarus for years too, and Delphi before that. My current Magnum Opus is built for four different platforms and works identically on all four. If you want to do cross-platform development there isn't a better vehicle for doing it on.
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Delphi tutorial

Postby pythoncoder » Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:36 am

I'd be very interested to read such a series.

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