How to set java permissions

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How to set java permissions

Postby paulm » Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:03 pm

I use WoaS (Wiki on a Stick) a lot. Used to be quite easy, since the file could be edited and then saved in any Javascript enabled browser. Recent browsers have made this difficult or impossible - it seems that it is considered a security problem to save a file locally (not even something a user can enable any more...).

As an alternative, WoaS comes with a copy of TiddlySaver.jar, which allows Java to save the file. Trouble is, Java security has also been tightened up, so "permissions" have to be set for TiddlySaver.jar to handle saving the WoaS file.

I was able to set the Java permissions using Chromium on one machine. Trouble is, Chromium doesn't seem to recognize the OpenJDK which most distros come with these days. I'm trying to work out if there is any other way of setting Java permissions for a specific file. Most distros seem to have a Java Policy Setting applet, but I've yet to work out how (or even if its possible) to use it to set Java permissions on a specific file.

I've done some searching, but so far haven't found anything very useful. So I'm wondering if anyone knows how to drive the thing, or knows of an alternative method of setting Java permissions?

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