LXF168 Shellinabox - Port Forwarding problem

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LXF168 Shellinabox - Port Forwarding problem

Postby TheMetMan » Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:56 pm

I have setup shellinabox as per the excellent article in LXF168.
However, how can you setup port forwarding on a router to point to the correct address?
As I understand it to forward a port you would setup the router to forward <EXTERNAL_IP_ADDRESS:EXTERNAL_PORT> to <INTERNAL_IP_ADDRESS:INTERNAL_PORT> but to connect to the shellinabox server you need to address it as follows <INTERNAL_IP_ADDRESS/USERNAME> which I cannot seem to be able to do in the router.
How can I get round this? Can I use a port on the server to point to the username? If so how can I do this.
I have been using Linux for over 20 years and have used mainly Gentoo and Arch, but now rather hooked on Mint. I have Ubuntu and CentOs servers at home, so reasonably familiar with the command line!
Thanks to anyone who can help.
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