Article Suggestion : PulseAudio/Sound Issues

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Article Suggestion : PulseAudio/Sound Issues

Postby hilly » Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:21 am

I have just finished reading a TuxRadar article today which was submitted by Jack Wallen in relation to Pulseaudio. I think that anyone who knows Jack knows that he knows his stuff and if he is cranky with Pulseaudio then Linux has a real problem.

I recall reading the interview that LXF had with Linus recently and I seem to remember Linux remarking that Sound was no longer an issue or something along those lines. Try that on Jack Wallen and see what response you get.

I have immense admiration for Linus but let us all remember - the sound system is far from fixed. I myself, unlike Jack, am just an everyday user with no requirement to depend on my PC for an income. Come on LXF, take this back to Linus and take it on - find someone who can address these issues. Sound should work - it isn't a new discovery - PC's have been able to overcome these issues for years now but unfortunately not Linux. I love Linux and have used it constantly now since 2004 and generally I am a pretty happy camper. Reading Jack's article just reminded me that I have become "numbed" in my aural senses nowadays and so tend to ignore the foibles of the sound system. This just isn't good enough. The sad note that Jack made at the end of his article pertaining to Linux now finally getting a look in on the game scene with Steam my be jeopardised if the sound issue isn't addressed, and quickly.

Keep up with the great mag.

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