VMware Converter Stand Alone - (Virtualize Your Computer)

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VMware Converter Stand Alone - (Virtualize Your Computer)

Postby markdean » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:47 am

Regarding David Hayward's Article in lxf168 "Virtualize Your Computer"....

VMware has a stand alone converter product that has been free for several years (it only requires that you have a VMware account). It will allow you to convert both Windows and Linux systems *live*. Targets can be either a vSphere VM or Workstation files, which can then be converted to other virtualization platform's format. I'm not sure if it can P2V to OVF files. I've used it (and less often, the offline cold clone version-not free) hundreds and possibly over a thousand times over the years. It's a great way to save a system that has hardware failing, create test/dev environments from production physical systems and even to V2V (Virtual To Virtual) conversions from one version or platform to another. Since it's free, it belongs in any SysAdmin's tool kit.

The only converter products that cost money are, as David indicated, the vCenter integrated converter and the cold clone converter, which costs money because it no longer uses the custom Knoppix boot image but instead uses a Windows PE environment, so there are licensing issues.
- Mark Dean
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