trying knoppix on laptop.....

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trying knoppix on laptop.....

Postby dreadinc » Fri Nov 04, 2005 5:48 pm

Hi there, I was trying out the knoppix from this months mag, everything goes fine till it starts pinging for wireless devices, where is just hangs

does anyone know how I can get past that, or for the install to skip that step ?
I tried the expert install where I have to agree with everything that its doing, but I get past that, then it tells me, that everything should be fine from here, but then it just hangs after it backdrops the device , and gets stuck on the second ?

Is there a thread that I perhaps missed that handles this ?

AMD turion MT-37
512MB ram
radeon mobility x700 128MB
onboard sound
wireless network card (not connected to network, and not picking up any connections either)

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