TOR / Polipo : config & consequences

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TOR / Polipo : config & consequences

Postby Mayhem » Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:34 pm

I have a seldom used web server running in my garden hut and would like to support the TOR project, but the terminology is baffeling me...

Firstly, as I understand it, using Polipo should allow me to run my own proxy server, thus allowing me to connect to TOR from other machines on my internal network using my own TOR server as an entry point. I can get TOR running (although its using the defaults and I have no idea what I'm allowing, so have had to turn it off for now), but I cant get the Polipo proxy to allow me to connect to anything (and yes, I do know how to setup my browser to use a proxy).

Secondly (and probably more importantly), what are the legal implications of this in the UK ? Can I support oppressed people this way without landing myself in hot water ? Can the US have me deported for what somebody else does via TOR via my connection ?

I definately dont want to be supporting kiddie porn or terrorists, so could I run it via something like "net-nanny" or whatever ?
Moderators - I'm surely not the only one, maybe worth an article educating your readers ?

I think I understand a bridge vs relay vs exit point, but if someone could put it on plain terms, including potential for trouble, that would be great.

NOTE: I obviously dont know a lot about this and am here asking the questions in order to learn, so please dont bother to reply if you are going to say something like "dont touch what you dont know" or "safest way is not to bother"

Thanks in advance
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