One more time.

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One more time.

Postby desertranger » Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:10 pm

Maybe it will be different this time, but I think not. Please let me explain as there is a reason for this. This is kind of long for a first post I would appreciate your taking the time.

Start with Momma always said,"Never enter someone else's home with out a proper introduction." She also use to say, "Mannerless dogs are not allowed in the house." More on this later.

My name is "Ranger" Steve. I am a Vietnam vet and was a tribal-ranger (TR) for a tribe of Native America.Indians in the American desert southwest. I also ran an eco-tour and adventure guide service into the desert, a place that is still considered cowboy country in many respects and can be a very hostile environment. A number of years ago I became disabled that severely limits me physically to what I can do. Believe me this is not something you chose to do.

On the other side of the I'm also somewhat of a geek with have multiple degrees in the sciences and engineering. Been in computerssince the days of the S-100 system and CPM. That's pre Apple.

"Why are you telling us this?" Several reasons. Mostly because of my perceived attitude. While on most forums it is welcomed on Linux forums people take offense where none is offered and I get kicked off. When I saw all the warnings in red here I thought an explanation was in order.

Example, I'm building a different sort of server under Precise. The idea came to me when I saw Precise server come up with a Unity GUI. That prompted me to ask several questions on a Linux forum about server design and a few other things. What I got back was (paraphrased):
Why are you doing that; servers run headless?
there is no point to what your doing start with a complete install and strip out what you don't want
and finally start with a minimal system and build from there.

My response was, "Why can't you guys answer the damn question instead of giving me a round of BS back." Either people don't have the answer I'm looking for or they post an opinion on what I;m doing. . The ones that did respond did so simply to question what I was doing or make some sort of comment on how that's not the way its dons. . Usually an argument ensues and nothing gets accomplished. What is the point in that.

This same a scenario has happened to me on every Linux forum there is.
I ask a question and get all kinds of answers back none of them relating to my question. Or worse I get a series of links that don't really refer me to the problems.

I am hoping I have found a different sort of Linux forum where I can seriously discuss my build and not get laughed at because I'm doing something no one else has done. I don't mind a little sarcasm but I really am looking for constructive answers instead of destructive ones.

I have been using Linux it since Meerkat, mostly from the GUI, I switched to the CL with 11.04. and while not a Linux expert by any means I can hold my own. OTOH I am extremely computer literate

So time for my first question. Can I put up a link to my website. The Desert Bandanna is the 11th essential for anyone gong out for a hike. Can I post photos in the appropriate places. As please some answers not references to links that won't work.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Together we Ranger and Jin.

Jin is my service dog.

Be well.
Team Blue Djinn - saving lives for 20 years.
Together we, Ranger and Jin

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Postby heiowge » Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:39 pm


I too get the idea of installing server and building from there. While my main PCs run Mint 13 with KDE and Mint 11 Gnome, I do have an old eeepc that I installed Ubuntu Server on and then XFCE and Chromium, because a full Xubuntu install was too large for the 2GB SSD.
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