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Postby denham2010 » Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:43 pm

Well, for me, for now, it's goodbye Linux Format.

I have been buying digitally on my iPhone (through newsstand) since there is no other way for me to get the magazine digitally.

Now, while i have been charged for the Jan 13 issue, it just refuses to download. No errors or anything, I click OK to download and the spinner just sits there (hours until i just give up and close the app).

Now I have followed the help faq, deleted all items, cleared the cache, deleted the magazine, stopped all running processes, turned the iPhone off and on again.......

Now when I re-install the LFX magazine, it will download all my previous purchases without a problem, but the Jan 13 issue just still will not download.

After submitting a help request, All I got in response was to try everything listed in the faq (hmmmm I thought the idea was to follow everything in the faq and if that didn't help to then contact support), which I have already done. The only additional suggestions I got was to delete the Newsstand app and re-install that, well, you CAN'T delete that app as it's built in to iOs. The other was to contact Apple for a refund.

So seeing as it would seem I am unable to download any new purchases, and support appears to do nothing other than regurgitate what is already on the faq, I see no point in giving my money to LXF.

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Postby drpetebaker » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:53 pm

drpetebaker wrote:
nelz wrote:You could install one of the older distros in a virtual machine. It's hardly elegant, but better than trying to read on a phone screen.

Hi Nelz

Any updates on this?

All attempts on linux mint 14 fail miserably so far despite being simple install on older fedora or mint distros

At present, I don't plan to renew digital subscription when it comes up for renewal early next year. This is still a deal breaker for me and I can't seem to find a decent forum to make my voice heard


Well my subscription is up and now I need to make a decision.

Update: Adobe Air seems to work fine on linux mint 14/cinnamon (but I don't use old laptop that much). However, the zinio reader itself is pretty kludgey and barely a patch on reading a pdf or book on kindle. Still impossible to install under Gnome 3/Fedora 16/17/18

So now to Q: after all these months have you guys at Linux Format Mag given up on getting some sort of "native" digital subscription for linux users without resorting to second rate solutions like installing an old distro in a VM or using a phone just to read the mag?

I'm not being rude here. It would be nice to get some feedback from the oracles at LinuxFormat

Comments welcome!

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same story

Postby beerstein » Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:27 pm

I bought a digital subscription from ZINIO. I expected that I could read a Linux Magazine in Linux. NO WAY. Thanks I had a 7" tablet with Android 4.01 Here I can read the content and the content is downloaded during the first view. So far so good.
But You can only read the pages using the ZINIO App on the tablet. I can even read offline using the ZINIO app.
I can transfer the files to my desktop but can not print beacuse I can not open the PDFs on my desktop. Adobe reader asks for a password. I have no idea where I can get or even buy a password. I have spent GBP 50.- plus 30.00 for some back issues so far now I need to buy the printed 99,00 package too.
Wow that adds up.
I have a digital subscription of Linux Format via Zinio. I use Android to read an download on my 7 inch tablet. I would like to print the PDFs but I am not able. I am looking for Help.
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