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Thanks Guys

Postby DaveS » Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:29 pm

Just a short post to thank you for the multi-desktop Ubuntu cover disc. I like Ubuntu for its 'just works' approach and general polish, but had stopped using it when Unity came along. I found Unity difficult to configure to suit the way I work.
This cover disc though presents me with the opportunity to try Ubuntu again, knowing I can switch to Xfce if the Unity thing does not work out, which in turn allows me to experiment much more with Unity as I have a safe fall back.
And I have to say, the results have been much better this time around. Yes, Unity is becoming more polished with each release, but for me, the aha moment came with the realization that Unity quicklists can be configured to do just about anything that the command line can do.

This pic shows what I mean:


Clicking the icon loads gnumeric with my account file for this year loaded. Selecting other years from the quicklist loads the appropriate file. Selecting 'numbers' loads a file of numbers I use in Gedit. Passport loads Abiword with the document 'passport'. Tkspider is just a card game. Get the idea?

Now I find myself becoming a Unity fan, so thanks again......

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