[SUGGESTION] Digital ID roundup/tutorial

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[SUGGESTION] Digital ID roundup/tutorial

Postby cmcevoy » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:07 pm

I'd love to see some coverage of the state of play regarding digital ID and authentication. Username/password authentication still seems ubiquitous for websites, but there must be a better way! OpenID and client SSL are the two I have tried, but the whole concept of online identification seems surprisingly underdeveloped. I found it particularly difficult to conveniently carry my digitalID with me so that I could be 'me' whichever computer/OS I was sitting at.
OK- not Linux specific but directly relevant to a lot of readers, I would think.

PS What about some Ruby coding in the Coding Academy sometime? For me, Ruby brings back the sense of fun that used to come from writing silly stuff in BBC BASIC as a kid...
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