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Mepis Distro

Postby Nuke » Mon May 21, 2012 2:12 pm

I am posting to recommend Mepis. I had been happily using OpenSuse recently, but an upgrade went wrong, got in a real mess with the video driver. So I am giving Mepis (v11.0) a try.

I use KDE and wanted a KDE distro as I can't help feeling that any distro gives its default GUI the most love - and you will be with the majority users in the distro forum.

Anyway, I had been put off Mepis as it is often described as a "beginner's" distro (used to be called "Simply Mepis") and I am not a beginner. But that's because, as I found, it is easy to install, not because it is reduced in functionality (or Windows-ified !) in any way once installed. It is a straightforward, "traditional" Linux. It is easy in that things like codecs and video drivers are there, you don't need to go searching for them. The wireless link from my Acer laptop worked straight-off (using it now). Mepis is based on Debian Stable, and you can use both Mepis and Debian repositories.

Sorry to sound like a commercial, but I am really pleased with it so far. It is a pity it has not been on a LXF cover disk since (I think) Issue 140 (v8.2), although v11.0 was given a good review in LXF147 Distro Watch.
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