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Scanner Access Nasty Encore

Postby catgate » Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:08 pm

Ubuntu 10.04/Gimp 2.6/Epson DX5050 (DX5000)

I recently wanted to scan a document which was 20cm x 9cm. So I popped it in the scanner and fired up Gimp.
I then went File>Create>Xsane>Device Dialogue, and after setting colour to binary pushed the scan button.
What it produced was only a part of the document.
When I looked again at the dialogue box I saw that the dimensions 6.51cm x 10.04cm had appeared from somewhere into the bottom left hand compartment of the dialogue window. These dimensions were roughly what it had scanned, so I thought I should go through Preferences>Setup and change them to something more appropriate. But......I could not do so.
The little beggar just refused to co-operate, no matter what I did.

I opened Open Office and tried "import"> "picture">"scan" and it did so.

So I feel that I need a little help in sorting out what has happened, and better still, what to do to correct the situation.
Xsane dialogue box seems to think my DX5050 is a CX5000. I do not know if this is a recent aberration or if it has been this from the outset. I had the feeling that it used to think it was a DX5000 and was quite happy to do so.

Many thanks in advance.
Oh, sod it.
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