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Postby External_Floppy » Mon May 07, 2012 11:48 pm

But in my humble, but informed opinion, Java's place for a Linux user is very much undermined by better performing more technically able languages, like C and C++...

If it were not so, there'd be a Java based operating system, maybe even the Linux Kernel ported to it Laughing but there's not, and so it has a limited place.

I totally understand that and respect you have programming knowledge way above mine (I'm an eternal noobie), but then surely if LXF only focused on the 'more technically able' languages then there wouldn't be an endless barrage of Python/PHP/MYSQL tutorials. Oh, and as far as I know the Linux Kernel isn't in Python either. :)

I was just curious as to why, in all my years of LFX reading, Java's never been touched upon? Regardless of its capabilities and limitations.
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