not for profit data center

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not for profit data center

Postby maxalder » Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:47 pm


I need some advice on how to manage a small Data Center. I work for a small not for profit in Melbourne Australia. I have about 20 old Intel duel core servers that each are running a client's web application. Each client has there own server and will require a static IP address and I will need to measure their data downland and upload so that we can bill them for it. I have 2 adsl connections with 2 different provides for reliability. I need something really simple with a good web interface and basic uses can use (I need to train their receptionist how to admin the system). I need it to load balance the two adsl links route through set static IP address and something that can re-image each box on demand would also be good. Tall Ask I know but does anyone know of a FLOSS project that does this this.


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