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Which tool to use

Postby davidknibb » Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:54 am

I've used the dvd-slideshow software to create slideshows for many years. There are several front ends for this - but I wanted to write a very simple one to creare a 'gui' for the command line code.
For example - the component dir2slideshow has a command line that might look like

$ dir2slideshow -o /home/david/photos/germany2011/gervid -t 5 -c 2 -notitle /home/david/photo/germany2011/spreewald

What tool would you use to write a simple interface that creates and executes this command line ?
There seems to be a lot of choices - I wonder if Gambas is the easiest to achieve a result with.

(Here -o is the output directory, -t the slide time in secs, -c the transition time between slides, and the final directory is the input directory where my pictures are for the slide show).

Thanks a lot

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