Question About Hibernation

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Question About Hibernation

Postby pc » Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:59 pm

My laptop suspends correctly running Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15. On Ubuntu 11.04 there is also a hibernate function, which there is not on Fedora 15.

The hibernation on Ubuntu 11.04 fails. Reported this as a bug, but not had any response. Been reading about and I have decided I am not sure where the ram data is being written to disk on hibernate. There is some suggestion this is to the swap partition, but this does make sense as this could be in use (ie contain data) and there is nothing to say it has to be as larger, or larger than the ram. So where in the file structure is the RAM data written in hibernation mode?

There are posts and "known" issues about hibernation if you have an encrypted partition, but the workarounds suggested have not had any affect. So I am just trying to understand what is supposed to happen.
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