Printing to A4 in Evolution

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Printing to A4 in Evolution

Postby DavidMcCrossan » Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:34 am

I had hoped to present a complete answer to this old chestnut. I have repeatedly asked through launchpad over the last couple of years and yesterday on ¨BabyGeek¨ gave a partial answer.
Code: Select all
sudo su    (it will ask you your password)
> echo "a4" >  /etc/papersize
> cat /etc/papersize
It worked first time and when I enter
cat /etc/papersize
I get A4.
So that is progress, of a sort.
Formatting is still for letter so that setting print to 100% means that I lose several records, or parts. Setting it to 80% works quite well.
Of course the text is not centred on the page and there is no left margin so when I punch holes to file the records the punch removes parts of the record (eg the phone number) is removed.
NOT what one would expect from a supposed professional app.
Having to file the records upside down in a folder looks nothing except amateurish.
Can anyone take me any further, please?

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Postby thenudehamster » Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:02 am

While this doesn't solve your basic problem of being unable to change the paper size defaults in Evolution, it seems to me that the pragmatic solution to your presentation and filing worries would be to use another application. Unless Evolution has some specific functions that nothing else can do - which seems unlikely, but then, I don't know your exact situation - may I suggest that for practical purposes you change from Evolution to something like Thunderbird for your day-to-day needs, and leave the Evolution problem as an intellectual exercise to be solved at your - or someone's - leisure.
I find Thunderbird to be better for my email than Evolution, and although it does lack some features like the Calendar and task modules, effective add-ons are available.
Why spend ages fretting about a bug that no-one seems able or willing to solve when the practical solution is to avoid the bug in the first place?
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Postby wyliecoyoteuk » Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:25 am

Not sure what you are trying to do.
Print the address book?
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Postby ajgreeny » Sun Jun 05, 2011 8:17 pm

Perhaps I am missing something here in your question, but when I go to Evolution ->File ->Page setup on my Ubuntu 10.04, the page is set to A4 already.

What does yours say? Perhaps the problem you have is that in spite of apparently being A4 that is set, US Letter formatting still appears from the printer. Or perhaps you are trying each time to set up the paper size from the print dialog, where I accept it is grayed out and can not be changed. However, what I can't change is the margin size on a page, which is set far too small, and I can find nowhere to change that.

It's just as well that I use Thunderbird, I suppose, but it would be good to get this sorted better than it is at present.
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Printing to A4 in Evolution

Postby DavidMcCrossan » Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:39 pm

I guys, thanx for your kind attention.

Hamster, I only use Evo for the contacts, mail is Thunderbird.

Wylie - spot on.

Aj you have set out the problem well.

Just a shame that such a promising app is spoilt because the goddams seem to think that the whole world should use US letter. Quite a lot of people use A4...

Best regards

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