Another Python Freebie Based On MikeTron...

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Another Python Freebie Based On MikeTron...

Postby Bazza » Thu Jun 02, 2011 5:56 pm

Hi all...

A DEMO to show how to plot XY inside a standard text mode Python
install. MikeTron gave me the idea of making this into a dreadful game.
It is primarily to show, using an INKEY$ idea for keyboard control,
how to plot characters inside a Python shell.

It is assumed that the shell is defaulting at 80 x 24 and Python is 2.6.x
or greater although it may work in earlier versions.

The INKEY$ function is not perfect but works reasonably well considering
Python is not able to do this by default.

I take no credit for this function and the pointer to the original is inside
the code. I do take credit for the plotting method though and shows
that Python can still do things without all the glitz added.

This plotting method is going to be used in a serious project I have in

Enjoy finding simple solutions to often very difficult problems...

Read the code for more information.

Code: Select all
# Yes I know it is not much of a game but it is intended to show how to
# "draw", AND, to use the keyboard to "draw" inside a standard text mode
# Python shell.
# Written in such a way as to easily understand how it works.
# IMPORTANT NOTE!!! This ASSUMES a standard 80 x 24 shell window.
# This working idea is copyright, (C)2011, B.Walker, G0LCU.
# NOW issued as Public Domain to LXF...
# To run at the prompt...
# >>> execfile("/full/path/to/")

def main():
   import os
   import sys
   import termios
   import tty
   import random

   # A basic clear screen and cursor removal for program start...
   os.system("setterm -cursor off")

   # Make any variables global just for this DEMO "game"...
   global screen_array
   global character
   global line
   global position
   global remember_attributes
   global plot
   global inkey_buffer
   global score

   remember_attributes="(C)2011, B.Walker, G0LCU."

   # This is a working function; something akin to the BASIC INKEY$ function...
   # Reference:-
   # Many thanks to Danny Yoo for the above code, modified to suit this program...
   # In THIS FUNCTION some special keys do a "break" similar to the "Esc" key inside the program.
   # Be aware of this...
   # An inkey_buffer value of 0, zero, generates a "" character and carries on instead of waiting for
   # a valid ASCII key press.
   def inkey():
      termios.tcsetattr(fd, termios.TCSADRAIN, remember_attributes)
      return character

   # The welcome screen.
   print ""
   print " A simple, odd style, Tron(ish) game."
   print "Another DEMO 2D animation for Linux platforms."
   print ""
   print "You control a vehicle leaving a trail behind it."
   print ""
   print "It is NOT always moving, and if it crosses any part"
   print "of the trail or border, (* characters), the game"
   print "is over. It CAN randomly move further than the key"
   print "presses so do not assume there is a bug... :)"
   print "Use the Q and A keys to change the direction to"
   print "up and down, and O and P for left and right."
   print "See how long you can survive! Score at the end."
   print ""
   character=raw_input("Hit <RETURN/ENTER> to begin... ")

   # Generate the game window as a single text string.
   # This assumes a standard 80x24 terminal text window.
   # Top line.
   while position<=78:
   # Next 20 lines.
   while line<=20:
      while position<=78:
         screen_array=screen_array+" "
   # Bottom line.
   while position<=78:

   # Store the complete string for future use.
   # End of game setup...

   # Start of game proper, set the initial position.
   while 1:
      # Standard clear the terminal window.
      print screen_array
      # Add another * when inkey_buffer=0.
      # Use the INKEY$ function to grab an ASCII key.
      if character=="a": plot=0
      if character=="A": plot=0
      if character=="q": plot=1
      if character=="Q": plot=1
      if character=="o": plot=2
      if character=="O": plot=2
      if character=="p": plot=3
      if character=="P": plot=3
      # Esc key to exit the loop...
      if character==chr(27): break
      if plot==0: position=position+80
      if plot==1: position=position-80
      if plot==2: position=position-1
      if plot==3: position=position+1
      if position>=1759: position=1759
      if position<=0: position=0

      # Check for a * character in the array and......
         # ......exit if one exists at that point.
         print "Game Over! You scored",score,"\b..."
      # Now get the whole array.
      # End of screen_array update per plot.

   # Reset the cursor, etc...
   os.system("setterm -cursor on")
   character=raw_input("Have another game? (Y/N):- ")
   if character=="y": main()
   if character=="Y": main()
   if character=="": main()


# end of game.
# Enjoy finding simple solutions to often very difficult questions.

Bazza, G0LCU...

Team AMIGA...

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