Dreamplug optical playback?

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Dreamplug optical playback?

Postby spaceyhase » Tue May 10, 2011 8:39 pm


I bought a Dreamplug recently and was pleasantly surprised to see it featured in the mag. Good stuff! The out of the box setup was a little different than what was featured in the mag although most stuff was there and after a bit of playing around, I've got a lovely little server running with ampache, smb shares and a few other nice things.

Only the optical output doesn't work? It's 'on', as so much it produces a nice beam of light but the only sound produced is via the headphone port.

/proc/asound/cards says:

Code: Select all
 0 [default        ]: USB-Audio - C-Media USB Headphone Set 
C-Media USB Headphone Set   at usb-orion-ehci.0-1.4, full speed

...I expected to see an extra card perhaps? I don't really know what I'm looking for though, cheers alsa. Any ideas on how to enable it?
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Postby stu » Sun May 15, 2011 5:19 pm

On my PC /proc/asound/cards only shows up with one entry, even though there are several ports.

Type alsamixer at the command line and you should be able to mute and unmute the different outputs, the optical output should be listed there and may have been disabled. You will need to run "alsactl store" when you exit to save your settings.

Hope this helps.
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Postby spaceyhase » Mon May 16, 2011 8:26 am

Ah, thanks for the reply. If I run alsamixer, I see:


Altering these change the volume for the headphone, naturally... nothing for the digital though?
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