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Realy Need Help/Advice

Postby Tux_1 » Wed Apr 20, 2005 10:43 pm

Hey Guys

Ive used this communitys knolage many a times and will continue to do so as you get the answers you need/want for that thanks :D

Here's the problem/advice i need help with

I have a spare box lying around that i want to add to my network and run as a mail/web server now setting the web part is no problem im going to be using or as a redirector to my none static ip how ever lets just say that ive got a DNS name of i would like to if possible to setup a email server so that i can send and recive email via this address ( so that when i send mail it will arrive as and the person could repliy to that address. how would i go about this is it possible or would i need to buy a DNS and set email via that? also if it is possible how many email accounts could i have? im sorry but when i comes to servers ie web and especially email i dont have a great deal of knolage, i will be using redhat 9 as thats the only version of Linux will work on this box with no major impact.

Once again thats for any advice you can offer :D

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