looking for a new device umpc/hanheld

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looking for a new device umpc/hanheld

Postby Robert109 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:15 am

Since my nokia n800 has died Iv been looking for a new handheld Iv seen the umpc that are around such as the umid or oqo but I really dont kno wat to go for it doesnt have to be a powerhouse just summit simple and handheld form,touch screen or keyboard type using my thumbs like the nokia n810 or n900.
Id like one that maybe I could easily install linux on but xp is fine (yuck)
I refuse to get a netbook just dont like them.
Oki maybe I should tell you wat I work as and wat Id be using it for

Im a tattooist and hoping to start up my own bmx clothing company so I want summit I can carry my designs in, on my n800 I had 2x32gb cards full of drawings on it
web browsing and IM
basic word processor (just till I can go home to the pc)
usb support so I can hook up other devices
sd card slot

I admit Iv looked at the ipad but its still a bit large and android well Im not a huge fan and to be honest theres so many out there I have no idea were to start plus some are high in price with basic functions

I have around £500 at a push...I dont want a laptop or a netbook
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