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Mageia Beta1

Postby Nerdy-ish » Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:25 pm

Has anyone else been brave enough to try installing the Mandriva fork Mageia?

Just done the first Beta version today, installed with only one error which got fixed after a reboot and run the system update. Seems to behave okay, a little bit slower than Mandriva, but it is pretty new and Beta so that can be ironed out.

What's changed? The PLF repos have gone, not seen if possible to add them to get restricted formats like AC3 playback working. A few bits need icons designed for. Firefox 4 by default, which looks weird with what they have done for the way you check add-ons (in a tab), and them adding tabs to the top of the application instead of underneath the URL / Bookmarks toolbar. LibreOffice is installed instead of OpenOffice :)

I chose the not often used option of update the OS (Mandriva) rather than clean install, it is the way that Windows users would try, so it needs testing.

Everything seems to work okay from what I've tested of the new OS, just the odd bug to report. Looking forward to it's final release.
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