Mass old harddrives for the begging

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Mass old harddrives for the begging

Postby maxeaves » Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:42 am


I'm doing a job in central london, where they are clearing out their old workshop. We have come across a large number (about 20-30) old Fibre Channel disks for circa 1998-2002, that have been sitting in the cupboard as spares - all 146G drives.
(Model: Seagate ST3146807FC)

There are also a number of SCSI2 / SCSI Ultra Wide 320 drives (a mixture of 40G/80G/146G) - about 20.

We don't know if they are working or not (we think they probably are), but if you have an old legacy IRIX/Linux environment, and can collect from W1 (Soho), then please get in touch - max at maxeaves dot co dot uk. Offer ends on Monday 1st November when they get skipped! :) )


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