Netgear WG111v2 drivers?

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Netgear WG111v2 drivers?

Postby GwiDan » Wed Aug 03, 2005 5:29 pm

Hello, I'm trying to install my Netgear WG111v2 USB wireless adapter using NdisWrapper. I've managed to get the program installed fine, I think, but I can't seem to get the right Windows drivers to work with it. Could anyone tell me which drivers I need to be telling NdisWrapper to convert? I think it's an .inf file, but I'm not at all sure...
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RE: Netgear WG111v2 drivers?

Postby Blackbird » Mon Oct 03, 2005 8:35 pm

Go to : ... php/List#N
this lists the chipsets for the various Netgear wireless adaptors.
The required files are a .sys and a .inf file.
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