Reading start and end selection markers in an audio file

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Reading start and end selection markers in an audio file

Postby markl » Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:38 pm

I am a newbie to Linux, Mono, C# but keen to learn.
I would like to display images and play an audio file. (simple enough)
However, I need to pre-determine when the image should change, based on where the playhead is currently situated within the audio file.

I have this working in a proof-of-concept app (built in Flash - but I need to make it portable to all platforms so am willing to learn to rewrite in anything that works - MonoDevelop is my latest consideration)

The app reads a database which contains "Audio_FileName", "Start_Point", "End_Point" and "Image_Name".
As the playhead reaches "End_Point", move to next record in the DB, change the image and continue playing (or skip ahead to the next "Start_Point" if its different)

The problem is that I am making MANY instances of the same thing, so I would like an IDE which has both an audio editor and database on screen that works like this.
1.Open the Audio file.
2.Select the relevant portion.
3.Click a button that writes the "Start" and "End” point to the database.
(Inserting the start and end point by hand is REALLY laborious.)

Is this do-able in Mono / C#?
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