Formal 'Hello' from newcomer!

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Formal 'Hello' from newcomer!

Postby cactus » Mon Sep 19, 2005 1:42 pm

I am new here, on this Forum and I simply want to introduce myself properly.

Quite another reason is that I bought a HP 64bit Notebook a while ago. No need to specify that it came loaded with that other OS's Home version. I immediately started browsing for a suitable exchange, but everything was rather newish and came with different levels of dysfunctionality built-in.

In went Fedora4, and out again. Same with Mandrake LE, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Knoppix, Xfld, E-Live. . .and so on.

In the mean time, I got involved with the Public Beta release of Win64, and I was so amazed. I am one of those creepy figures who actually liked DOS and was never impressed by any Windows version, except Win2K ran reliably with me. I can clearly say that , not only is Win/amd64 the best Windows so far, if you get past the driver problems - it is the only Windows I've seen that works, from any perspective.

But, I couldn't satisfy myself - I had to get something Linux-like. In went Mandriva 2005 and out again. Same thing with Suse 10, Dyne:Bolic, a couple I cannot recall and now, I am typing away in Mandriva 2006 RC2 Free. And finaly I feel right at home, the last Mandrake I can remember where almost everything worked, was #6 (I think) #'s 8 & 10 were alright too, but now - so far everything IS working, except a few of the HP peculiarities, like the ALPS touchpad is run from the Synaptics driver (anybody gotten around to tweaking on that?) and the wireless won't configure 'cause there's no support for the 'wireless button' that activates the thing. And I thought HP had commited themselves to Linux. . .hail naivety!

What I need urgent help with at this moment, is logging on to get to my 'update' with Mandriva. I applied for an account during install, and was accepted - saying my e-mail adress would accept me, but when I pay my visit nothing happens. And what with I-net radio? Can I have that working at all???

Greetings, everyone!

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RE: Formal

Postby RD » Mon Sep 19, 2005 4:01 pm

for the updates you could use
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