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Postby dandnsmith » Thu Jun 23, 2005 6:00 am

There is no command 'mbr' for Win9x, and a quick check for XP doesn't show one there either.

For 9x - boot from a floppy, and do 'fdisk/mbr'

For XP, recovery CD or Recovery Console and use 'fixmbr'
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Postby jjmac » Fri Jun 24, 2005 11:51 am

Yes, thanks for that Birdman, it looks good. As the floppy is confirming it works, that lilo.config would be easy to translate to disk eventually, with a few minor edits.

A radical table arrangement ... as its a dump of sda, i guess that must be where it's at (grin)

I wounder if theres one on hda, and if they match ?, (just ignore me, i couldn't help that, (grin))

# DOS bootable partition config begins
other = /dev/sda2
label = WinXP
# table = /dev/sda
# DOS bootable partition config ends

(grin), all ya really gotta do is figure out where that rascilly table is now... Is it on hda or sda hmmmmmm (grin). As the 1st stage is being booted directly. The table wont be being used for itself, or the Linux images ... only for your XP (sly_grin)

I haven't fiddled with the BIOS much. I recall going in there to set boot order as floppy, cdrom and then HD but cannot remember whether the SATA was in there. Must take a look.

Yes, a good healthy sense of humour is a good thing to have, is it not (grin).

Glad to see it's working :)


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Re: RE: Windows XP Boot Issues

Postby deutscher » Wed Jun 29, 2005 12:38 am

Nigel wrote:I successfully ran Fedora Core 1 & XP alongside each other for quite a while...
I partitioned the disk before installing anything, then installed XP, then Fedora.
The Fedora installer happily found my Windoze installation and added it to the Grub menu, and I had no problems booting into either.

Hope this helps...

That`s the way to do and it is with every system`s :D :) :wink: 8)


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