Samsung N130 netbook

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Samsung N130 netbook

Postby Woofage » Fri Feb 05, 2010 10:28 am

Does anyone have one of these with Linux installed and running perfectly? It seems only windows versions are available to buy.
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Postby towy71 » Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:43 pm

There is a review of this on ebuyer which indicates that you can get it all to work with Linux :D
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Getting N130 to work

Postby saif » Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:25 pm

My N130 has the 8192E wifi card. The drivers for this are due to be put into the next kernel release. The Linux drivers are hard to find, but have been found by the Sammynetbook forum member...Tigerbright. Join up up to the forum

This is what I did on my N130 to get mandriva to dual boot. On registering XP, I gave XP a small C drive (30 gb) and a big D Drive. I downloaded 1) Mandriva One (not free) ISO from Mandriva. 2) Mandriva Seed for Windows from Mandriva 3) the 8192E linux WIFI driver. I put in an 8GB USB stick. Ran Mandriva seed and this installed the ISO on the USB stick in a hidden partition and made it bootable. Booted from the stick by pressing F2 and changing BIOS boot order. Mandriva installs in less time than it took to register the preinstalled XP. I just gave the windows d-drive to Mandriva.

To install Moblin just install task-moblin from the software installer...haven't tried it yet

Mandriva works welll, but no wireless. So connect to a wired network. 1) update Mandriva to the latest. 2) Install the build environment (Kernel-desktop-devel-"whatever kernel you have" from software installer 3) extract the 8192e drivers. 4)Open a terminal window. Go to superuser mode. go to the folder that the extracted files are and "make install". Reboot and voila!!! wireless now working.
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