Adobe install on a Win netbook

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Adobe install on a Win netbook

Postby GeordieJedi » Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:23 pm

Hi all, hope your all well.

Yep, I know its a shock....but I have another question!

Ok, I've been setting up a netbook for my mates daughter (as a christmas
present). And since she's only 10 I'm locking it down (with her own limited
user account). (The netbook is running Win XP, with 1Gb of ram).

The main problem is I was trying to install Adobe flash, (whilst I was in her
(limited user account). it was halfway successful, but I got an error
message telling me, that the download was corrupt!

So I managed to install it properly from the administrator acc. However,
whenever I open a firefox session (again as the limited acc) I get a
dialogue box trying to install the software again.

Now I've tried to ge pass the box by "constantly" holding down the return
key for 5 whole mins! But I'm getting nowhere.

I've managed to uninstall it via CCleaner (in the admin acc), but whenever
I go back to the limited user acc, I keep getting the install?/dialogue box.


Is there anyway I can stop this from popping up EVERY single time I load up firefox?

Thanks very much for any help or advice given.
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