Power Management & /usr/bin/apm

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Power Management & /usr/bin/apm

Postby JonR » Mon Sep 05, 2005 11:27 am


I am having a nightmare install on a laptop (after nuking my desktop...).

The problem seems to be due to APM- it times out & sleeps every 15 or 20 seconds.
Looking in the Control center, I found refernce to doing a setuid on /usr/bin/apm. Clicking on the help ap asks for root PW, then flashes off.
In an xterm, ls -al returns now refernce to apm as either a directory or file....
I installed the kdeutils via the config panels as well, as I found ref to this in the help, but this has not resolved the issue for power down- only given me an icon for the battery status.

I have already run 5 re-installs of the distrib (Mandriva 10.2- or whatever it was on Linux Format issue 1!)- but this and any man page searching is painful when the PC sleeps every 20 secs or so!

Any help or usefull ideas most welcome. Many thanks, J.
(Back on Windoez! ;-( )
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