All times are GST + 10 Hours ... not

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All times are GST + 10 Hours ... not

Postby pjroutledge » Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:00 pm


When I've logged into these forums, just below and to the right of lists of forum posts, and in a similar position below messages when I'm reading them, I see a note that says "All times are GST + 10 Hours".

When I'm not logged in I see a similar note, but it says "All times are GST".

I live in a time zone that is about 10 hours ahead of GMT, so all of that makes sense. My profile correctly records that I'm in a timezone that is GMT + 10 hours.

But the times actually displayed are always GMT, even when I'm logged in. The timestamp in posts and lists don't change, but the note at the bottom does.

I can live with it. Has anybody else noticed the discrepancy? I couldn't find any forum posts that mentioned it.


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