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always ubuntu

Postby Robert109 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:27 am

Iv been sitting for the lat few days looking for a tablet or a umpc something I can put linux on, and all I see is ubuntu on this and ubuntu on that...
dell streak,samsung q1, even the old nokai n8x0 series some one has tried to install ubuntu but it always appears to be a tad slow or summit daft ect ect.
so my question is why ubuntu why cant they try a lower spec distro on a tablet such as puppy linux or lubuntu or peppermint linux,.....Iv followed a few folk online who have sat rewriting drivers or wat ever just to run ubuntu on a device just for it to be sluggish and when I have asked tthe questions to the developers I dont get a answer.
so maybe some one on here can answer it for my......why cant we see puppy linux on a android tablet
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