the typo that kills.....

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the typo that kills.....

Postby MrCheese » Mon Oct 03, 2005 8:42 pm

while trying to install Gentoo onto my spare caddy-mounted hdd (/dev/hdg) instead of typing "mkreiserfs /dev/hdg1" I actually typed "mkreiserfs /dev/hda1" and to compund this I hit "y" to confirm. I think that qualifies as a very stupid thing to do with a pc!

Anyway, having blown away my XP installation, along with the wife & kids data - has anyone ever recovered an NTFS drive overwritten with a reiserfs system?

BTW, I'm far from being a linux newbie and yes, I should know better
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RE: the typo that kills.....

Postby bigjohn » Tue Oct 04, 2005 1:59 pm

Sorry, "schadenfreude" means that I can only reply with a round of applause!

I can only suggest that you try any install/recovery disc that you got with the XP too see if that does anything in "repair" mode.

If not, then re-install it, but put the main linux partitions on main system hard drive(s) and make the caddy-mounted hdd the backup i.e. 2 partitions, one for linux data and one for windows data - then at least any future "hiccoughs" won't lead to domestic mutiny!
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RE: the typo that kills.....

Postby jjmac » Wed Oct 05, 2005 10:09 am

has anyone ever recovered an NTFS drive overwritten with a reiserfs system?

A wiped file system.

No file system == data gibberish ..., but ... depends on how stubborn you are as well. Probably looking at a lot of pain in any recovery attempt.

Have you a scratch partition that you can do a raw dd copy to ?. As soon as you start to use it ... if it's working that is, you are going to overwrite things. Well, as you know anyway.

Have a search around and do a google on "ntfs". There is an open source project involved with ntfs, but i think it's been dead for a while. But the site should still be there. The big problem is that MS wont allow the the specs to be published.... Which is the whole point to the ntfs :wink:. It is not a great tech break through, more of a close down.

Also, possibly have a look at the site. There will probably be some links to the site i'm thinking of, along with some info one proprietry sw designed to work out that kind of thing.. Unfortunately i haven't got the address right in front of me. But google will have it.

Not good odds though. If you have overwritten the fs, all you can do is a dd search really, based on whatever strings you can remember. Not good news.

I figure you will at least need to use some specialised s/w == have to pay ... if it is at all possible.


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