suse 10 and usb modem

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suse 10 and usb modem

Postby istratos » Sun Sep 25, 2005 12:25 pm

I am running suse 10 on my pc, and I have some difficulties with my internet connection. I am using a usb modem (winmodem): diamond supra. I am aware of the difficulty that linux faces while trying to recognize a winmodem, but the wired think about this distribution is that it actually recognized my exact modem type. (Diamond SupraMax 2890 56K Modem [Lucent Atlas]), which is exactly the type of modem I am using.
(Other distributions did not recognise it at all). Unfortunately for me I was unable to get connected to the internet (the modem did never dial)
When I am clicking on the modem icon (from yast window) I get following message from the modem property window:

Diamond SupraMax 2890 56K Modem [Lucent Atlas]
Device Name: modem0
Mode: unknown
Started manually

Does suse 10 recognize my modem or not?
What do I have to do get connected to the Internet? Should I better purchase a new modem?

Please consider
1. suse 10 is a beta release and
2. The specific modem is listed as an unknown device on Novels supported hardware
2. I never used linux before --> I may not have configured the internet connection properly... :D
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Postby coolclassic » Wed Sep 28, 2005 10:10 am

You modem may be reconised but you will not have the software to use it. Try looking on there web sight for software.
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