Xenon Web Desktop Alpha2 Released!

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Xenon Web Desktop Alpha2 Released!

Postby jolharg » Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:08 pm

The web desktop Xenon released version Alpha2 today. The release announcement from the website reads:

"Changes from Alpha include many security fixes (including SQL injection), the addition of the Chatroom app,
Pictures app, width autoscaling, new tab launching, easier installation and various visual tweaks.


features currently available include:

* Audio player (featuring HTML5 Vorbis audio)
* Video player (featuring HTML5 Theora video)
* Picture viewer
* Email (including within Xenon and outgoing email)
* Blog
* Chatroom (Public, open to all on the same instance)
* Notes application
* Friends application for social features
* My Files, to upload various types of file
* Wallpaper switcher

Upcoming features include:

* Settings syncing and importing
* A small footprint netbook/touchbook operating system to run on
* Many others

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