Strange Magazine Prices.

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Strange Magazine Prices.

Postby jjmac » Mon Sep 12, 2005 9:08 am

Mainly on strange Magazine prices cropping up recently in .AU

Finally found an issue of LXF69 August 2005. I had to go into town though (Sydney), down to Central Station. hmmm, seems the various distributor(s) decided not to send out the dvd version up my way for some reason.

In any case a very curious thing was noticed while walking through a particular newsagent.

QVB NewsAgents in the Queen Victoria Building near Town Hall in Sydney.

On the mag shelves ...

LXF68 ---- $17:95
LXF71 ---- $22:00 and $24:00, two copies !?!?

Twenty Four dollars, ha !. The LXF69 i found down at Central Station was $18:95, $1 dollar up on the last purchase. That makes sense, but the rest ....

Even stranger, its the October issue from next month. It may happen over in the UK, but in Australia ... they just don't get here that quick !

Did the bloke who owns the shop bring a few with him on return from a trip ???

A bit weird don't you think (grin).

Q1: How did the October issue get there so quick, as it ain't anywhere else over here.

Q2: What's the caper with the prices. I can understand a natural increase is to be expected over time ... but price abuse is another thing all together. Though i guess your control over that would be limited -=- or is it ?

Nice A Cox interview ...

The one on deb though ... R Drummond hasn't got a clue really. Deb isn't a commercial distro. People keep on trying to compare it out of context. So the critism doesn't really apply. My Woody certainly isn't stuck at X v4.1.0. and i don't use gcc-2.95. I would be nice if an article writer actually new something about what they were writing before hand. But i suppose thats to be expected from a windows clone. This great desire to emulate windows all the time is detrimental. It's a major Linux draw back in my opinion, as that article is somewhat symptomatic of. People actually read articles sometimes, thinking that the writer actually knows what their talking about. Then they just absorb it, right or wrong !... The results can be slowly devastating.

A development branch goes as far, and for as ever how long it takes ... if more can be done in the context. Once that avenue is exhausted, it goes into a freeze. And then that freeze is announced. The "releases" are as far away as your apt-get. Seems RD thinks it should be more like a windows styled Linux with date base linear releases ... ready ! or not !, so to speak. hmmmm. Pity. A nice article on deb policy/history would have been nice, or maybe a couple of pages of Dilbert adventures might have been better, but ... what the heck.

The tutorial section was nice...

What do you think about the strange pricing thing though ?, and the highly mysterious October issues ...

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RE: Strange Magazine Prices.

Postby nelz » Mon Sep 12, 2005 10:50 am

Maybe the shop is having them air mailed in, which would account for the higher prices. Newsstand copies usually go by surface mail.
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RE: Strange Magazine Prices.

Postby Lancer » Mon Sep 12, 2005 11:07 am

Yep - check for an orange sticker on the cover with a picturte of ain airplane. At my newstand I have them reserve me a copy each month. Back then it was only the slower option. Now there are a lot coming in much earlier - with the airmail sticker... but it's quite a jump in price. I opt to have them a month or two later.
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RE: Strange Magazine Prices.

Postby jjmac » Tue Sep 13, 2005 8:11 am

Aha ... Air mailed in, hmmmm, yeah that could be it (grin). The QVB Building is one of those "fashion" type hang places. I'm glad to have found an issue down at Central.

The local train station got wrecked by the transport dept over the last half of this year. Much of the surrounding shopping center got wrecked in the process, including my regular agent. It's still being rebuilt. Seems my shop was one of the very few that stocked LXF around here. Found another just recently though and they offered to order in for me ... so there should be some assurance there at least.

Didn't think of the air-mail possibility (grin) ..

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