openvpn connection problem.

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openvpn connection problem.

Postby bib » Sun Apr 17, 2005 12:06 am

Hi all.

I would like to post this problem here because I had positive feedback in the past :wink:

The problem I have is that I have setup an openvpn server on one of my internal machine (a linux machine) and I have problem connecting to it from the outside world. I have no problem connecting the vpn with the same configuration from an internal IP addy but as soon as I try to connect from oustide the LAN (the WAN)I have problems.

My LAN is connected to the Net by an X3 zoom ADSL modem/router/Firewall I have made sure to allow 1194/UDP port forwarding to the local IP of the server (using the Virtual server options). Note that the Linux Server does not have a firewall in action. Even when I run the Server in a DMZ (totally open on the web) it fails! Which lead me to believe that it is the VPN config missing up somewhere.. The other concern I have is that the router operates automatic DHCP for the LAN and I wonder if this could be the problem. The thing is, I don't know how to asssign fixed IP's on this router :(

I tried everything, but I cannot get a connection to the damn server! :cry: I have lost complete hope into this stuff having spend days trying to sort it.

If any of you could have the hint of an suggestion I would be greatful

thank you very very much for any help!
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