Ubuntu 5.04 LXF68 July '05 - Installer Comment.

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Ubuntu 5.04 LXF68 July '05 - Installer Comment.

Postby jjmac » Mon Aug 15, 2005 11:55 am

Complete re-edit:

I was going to delete this as it was largely a bit premature and full of rubbish. But what the heck. That probably would be a form of cheat in a way. So i just edited thoe whole thing :).

It's not such a bad installer, but it has taken a few looks to come to that conclusion. As usual the help facility seems a bit brief. With the initial custom install, the default kernel kept trying to mount hda7, which didn't exist ... it was installed to hda2 :). Had to use an append="root=/dev/hda2" in lilo to get it to mount the correct partition. Though, going over it a few times, it does seem quite good, with a good degree of flexability in the install method. Nice to see the option to set up a LVM install. A definite improvement on woodys old installer which didn't even have a back-button.

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