ROX-Filer 2.3 released

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ROX-Filer 2.3 released

Postby guy » Sat Aug 13, 2005 10:32 pm

Just appeared on the ngs:

ROX-Filer 2.3 is out now!

ROX-Filer is a small, fast, powerful filer for Unix, Linux and compatible
systems. Its user interface is based on the RISC OS filer, and it supports
similar concepts, such as application directories, drag-and-drop saving
and popup menus. It implements a RISC OS like pinboard, and a panel which
can be used in a similar way to the RISC OS iconbar. It also supports many
features not found in RISC OS, including thumbnails of images, keyboard
short-cuts, custom menus, many more options, powerful search facilities,

ROX-Filer can be used on its own, with another desktop (such as GNOME, KDE
or XFCE), or as the core component of the ROX desktop. The ROX desktop
aims to bring all the good features of RISC OS to modern systems.
The project web pages get around one hundred thousand hits per month, and
the mailing lists have seen over ten thousand posts.

Get ROX-Filer here: ... Installing

ROX-Filer is also available via Zero Install, which allows traditional
RISC OS style application directories to automatically handle dependancies
without needing an installer. This is a new, easier and safer method of
installing software: ... eroInstall

Screenshots (including many contributed by our users): ... creenshots ... artedGuide

The filer is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

<snipped long list of new features, updates, etc, except for:>


- Added Estonian translation (Teet Tärno).

- Added Basque transation (Piarres Beobide).

- Updated French translation (Vincent Lefèvre).

- Updated Danish translation (Christian Storgaard).

- Updated Chinese translation (Babyfai Cheung).

- Updated Dutch translation (Jan Wagemakers).

- Updated French manual translation (Arnaud Calvo).


There are installation and getting started guides available. The getting
started guide has lots of screenshots and may be interesting to people
thinking of trying ROX, or wondering what it looks like. ... Installing ... artedGuide

You can read more, download ROX-Filer, read the comments people have made,
and look at some screenshots here: ... erComments ... creenshots

There are two mailing lists; rox-users and rox-devel. You can subscribe
here, or look at the archives: ... ilingLists

We now have a mail-to-news gateway, so you can keep up with the lists
using your favourite newsreader if you don't want your inbox flooded (see
above link). You can also chat to us using IRC:

A selection of tutorials on writing ROX applications is available on-line:


See the news page for more details and links:
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