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Postby jjmac » Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:05 am

poolman wrote:
I barely have time for a shower, and I can't remember the last time I had a bath.

I'm not currently producing any literature, or any other art, and I'm not actively religious.

I listed to a couple of Radio 4 programs while I put the Christmas food shopping away, but I watched Die Hard 2 while I did the ironing.

Suddenly, I'm not sure if I'm civilised or not.

Sounds like western civilisation to me , hmmmmm , i wonder if we are in a decline or just getting tired going up hill.

Rhakios wrote:
FWSE=Famous Web Search Engine:

Well, ok, but as that wasn't what google came back with, i'll have to take that a bit tentatively , until properly confirmed. At least i'm sure about the 'tooth fairy' because google confirms it ! (translates to (of course): damn you Rhakios :) )

Rhakios wrote:
coined (so far as I am aware) in NewScientist due to complaints about the fact that frequent references to Google (in the form of a verb) could be seen as a recommendation.

Makes sense ... so much gets under the radar

It seems to me, that 'civilisations' tends to imply some form of sedentary living. None nomadic, where as 'nations' allow for nomadic existence. I also think that a person would be hard pressed to try and find a 'civilisation' that was completely self created. It would appear to be more of an on going process of cultural merging.

As in, it has been suggested that there is a genetic trace of mongol in the early American Indian. Even Australian Aboriginal influences, in south America.

But i find the 'hey dude' thing cropping up locally around were i am very disturbing.

It's a pity about all the ritualised killing, and the slavery that occurred in the past. But i guess not much has really changed there. It's just been masked over instead. I don't think 'time' has actually gotten us anywhere. It still seems to be one lot using the other by any means they can, prefering the easiest. And the other lot not seeming to mind ... or not wanting to know.

Now, where did i put those general electric shares again (scratch_head) ...

If our skin was thick, like an elephants, i think i'd be happier with the motivations.



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Postby 1slipperyfish » Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:05 pm

pootman i agree with wc, as a fellow ironer you must be civilized:D
wyliecoyote i wish i had an ironing fairy as you described, in our house we have a simple rule either you iron it yourself or wear it creased :D
i am a follower of the culture

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